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    Disabling CBQoS and EnergyWise



      Here are some new Knowledge Base articles that were recently added that can be very useful. Here is also some useful info on turning on Netflow Smart Traffic Optimization. All of this greatly increased the speed of the Orion NPM web console for me. since I do not use CBQoS or EnergyWise and have somewhere around 300+ flows going to my Orion box.

      Disabling CBQoS—Orion NTA listing: http://support.solarwinds.com/kbase/ProblemDetail.cfm?ID=1305

      Disabling CBQoS—Orion NPM listing: http://support.solarwinds.com/kbase/ProblemDetail.cfm?ID=1306

      Disabling EnergyWise —Orion NPM listing: http://support.solarwinds.com/kbase/ProblemDetail.cfm?ID=1307

      Smart Traffic Optimization:  We've found based on several packet captures that 95% of the traffic volume may be represented in a little as 4% of flows.   This means if your primary use-case for traffic analysis is to get visibility into the Top talkers, you're storing a lot of unnecessary data in your database (impacting DB size and resource/report loading time).  You can enable smart traffic optimization and set it to 95%, which means that only those flows that represent 95% of total traffic volume on your network will be stored.

      Here are the steps as described in the webcast:

      1. Find file NetFlowService.exe.config by default located at “C:\Program Files\Solarwinds\Orion\NetFlowTrafficAnalysis\” and make backup copy of it

      2.Open this file in notepad

      3. Find the following line in the file and change options as specified below:

      <pduLimiter enabled="true" allowance="5" restrictionStep="5" globalRestriction="1" globalMinFlows="0" dataPercentageRestriction="95"/>

      4. Save this file

      5. Restart NTA service