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    Feature Request - Allow status of a node to be affected by custom pollers and APM results

      Currently, NPM seems to only change the status of a node based on interfaces status and ICMP responses.  Likewise, APM status changes based on component status.

      I would like to suggest 3 things:

      1: If a custom poller comes back with a specified response, then change the status.  For example, I have a custom poller that monitors the physical drive states in Dell servers.  The poller can return various states including online, rebuilding, etc.  If a drive is rebuilding during a poll, then the server is degraded and I would expect to see the node status as warning or something similar.

      2: If an APM assigned to a node is down, then the node should either be at warning or down status.

      3: As an action to an alert, it would be nice to be able to change the status of a node.

      NPM 9.5 SP5

      APM 3.0 SP1

      Thank you for your consideration.