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    Comparing Multiple Pollers


      Is there a way to create a trigger to compare multiple pollers?

      For example:

      I have a unit that you can get Threshold and Current Temperatures.  I want the trigger to be on the order of:

      If unitThreshold is less than/equal to unitCurrentTemp send an alert (even better if unitCurrentTemp is within 5 degrees of unitThreshold)

      Is there a way this can be done.  I have a tabular table properly displaying for this node.

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          Andy McBride

          Couldn't you accomplish this by settting an alert threshold on CurrentTemp?

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              Yes, this could be done but we have the numerous units/models from the same manufacture and the threshold temp varys between them, some could be 30 degrees from the lowest ones.  They all use the manufactures default SNMP variables plus whatever may be a little different between units.  It would be very helpful to do this.  I would like to use data from different pollers in one trigger (sometimes compare) and send an alert email containing data between two pollers too.