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    Edit Menu Bar without ActiveX?


      The security policy in our company disables ActiveX.  This does not seem to be a problem for most of the SolarWinds suite but there is one area which is very annoying: Editting menu bars.  I simply want to add "Problems" to the "Admin Menu Bar" but because the edit page uses ActiveX I cannot.

      Is there some manual way to get around this?

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          If you're willing to do a little SQL diving, then adding a menu item to a menu bar is not that challenging.  The MenuItems table shows you the potential items that you can place on your menu bar.  Let's say your Problems menu item is the menu item in the MenuItems table with MenuItemID = 60.  To add this item to the default admin menu bar, you would need to add a menu item entry to the MenuBars table for the Admin menu bar.  By default this menu bar has the MenuName = Admin.

          This table also requires the order.  The easiest is to add the new item to the end of the menu bar.  This can be done by looking at the largest value in the MenuBars table for the MenuName = Admin.  Let's say that this is 10.  So you would want to add the row into the table:

          MenuName  MenuItemID  Position

          Admin                  60                 11

          If you mess something up, then just delete this row.  As always, for good practice, back up these tables before changing them manually.