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    Windows Log Forwarder Installation error


      I've run into issues installing the newest Windows Log Forwarder. It errors with the following:

      "Service 'SolarWinds Log Forwarder for Windows' (Log
      Forwarder for Windows) failed to start.  Verify that you
      have sufficient privileges to start system services."

      I have tested it successfully on other servers but fail it fails to install on systems that do NOT have internet access (neither through direct or proxy).

      I found another post indicating I should make some changes to my hosts file however that did not help

      (Re: Windows Event Log Forwarder - service failed to start on Windows 2003 SP2)

      Any help would be greatly appreciated

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          stevenstadel, I have forwarded this onto the Dev team and we are looking into this now and will post back when we have more info

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            I can confirm that this error may occur in environments with none or limited internet access.

            SolarWinds Log Forwarder for Windows is a digitally signed binary, however the .Net framework automatically tries to access the Certificate Revocation List on the internet to validate that the certificate used to sign the binaries hasn't been revoked.
            When the url clr.thawte.com can't be reached the startup of the Log Forwarder service will time out and the setup thinks that you did not have permissions to start the service.

            To solve the problem either allow the server access to crl.thawte.com or disable the 'Check for publisher's certificate revocation'.

            Please note that disabling CRL checking on a given system will disable CRL checking for all applications on that system.  This probably won't matter since the system doesn't have access to the internet to check the CRL anyway.

            Disabling CRL checking will depend on the OS you're running.