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    Netflow 6513 12.2(18)SXF7 & PFC3B  - unrouted layer2 & router layer3 vlans -

      When I open the netflow tool I see unrouted vlans that don't have netflow flowing, but the routed vlans do have netflow flowing.  The problem is one of my vlans that is unrouted layer2 has more data then the routed layer3 vlan, both are the same vlan one is just layer2 and the other is layer3.

      I have issued these commands;

      ip flow-export dest X.X.X.X port

      ip flow ingress layer2-switched vlan X

      ip flow ingress layer2 vlan X

      mls flow ip interface-full

      mls netflow

      mls flow ip full

      interface vlanX
       no ip redirects
       ip flow ingress
       ip multicast netflow egress
       ip route-cache flow

      Thanks to all!