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    Dashboard Items as Reports

      Is there a way to get the various dashboard items like Top 10 Devices by Bandwidth, etc. as a report that can be emailed? Ideally I'd like to get them all on a single report.

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          Anyone? Bueller...Bueller...

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            Hello OTD,

            At this time it is only possible to view top or bottom 'x' graphs for Availability and Response Time within the Configurable reports.   Such graphs for other values such as Bandwidth is only possible within our higher-end application; Orion NPM.

            In order to get Top\Bottom 'x' graphs for Availability or Response Time:

            1. Click 'Reports'.
            2. Click 'Add New Report'.
            3. Add Multiple Monitors, a Group of Monitors or a Group of Devices.
            4. Click 'Next'.
            5. Select the desired time frame(s) and click 'Next'.
            6. Ensure that the following items are selected and click 'Next':
              • Availability
              • Downtime
              • Bar Graphs (Top 50 Availability & Response Time)
            7. Click Create

            If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this, please feel free to let us know.

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