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    Loopbacks management


      Why can't we declare /32 subnet. We use a lot of loopbacks or PPPoE tunnels and for this we need /32 subnets. Actually it is not possible to declare these subnets. I have to declare a big subnet and use addresses 1 by 1. This means I cannot use the first and last addresses and I can not use the subnet allocation wizard to allocate my loopbacks... What a pity, is it planned to add the /32 size?

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          This is a known issue with the app today.  We do have a work item filed to add to the product in a future release

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              I've got the 9.2 version of the Engineers toolkit, and the Network Sonar tool does an awesome job of finding subnets and scanning them quickly.  Only thing better would be to keep checking devices for routes as you go so you can find subnets that are summarized at WAN level.  We often break a Class B into several VLANS at a site, but is summarized at the WAN.

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