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    Custom Tabular Universal Device Poller Labels


      We are currently setting up Orion NPM for our world wide network.  I want to cusom label rows on devices we are watching.

      One particular device (wireless device) sits in one of our facilities.  The Node shows the Tabular Universal Device Poller table and there are numerous rows (and I can customize what rows to show).  Is there a way I can have Label 1.1.0 show up as Device Name and label 1.10.0 show up as IP Address, etc?  I have tried the Universal Device Poller wizard using all three options to label rows.  The Use labels from a table column just duplicates the data returned by snmp.



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          Can you post what you are seeing, having a tough time following what you are trying to do

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              Here is a mock example of data:

              wg302 - Label     wg302
              1.1.0                   WAP01
              1.2.0                   000FB572ACBF

              We Want is similar to:

              NODE                WAP01 
              MAC                  000FB572ACBF

              Some of our nodes we are watching do not seem to have labels for the Rows.  We have tried using the Orion Labels, Custom Labels, and the Node Labels from the Poller Setup.   There are numerous things on this device we want to watch (as the noted above stuff is trivial) such as SSID's on device, MAC Addresses connected to device, etc.  They are all in the SNMP Data retrieved.

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              I have the same question - I can get an "Un-Parsed" address to appear if I reference it from the Same Table using the "Use labels from a table column".


              Is their a way to apply the "IP_Address" parser to the label as you can for the Status of the poller itself?


              Is it possible to run queries against the DB or use built in Variables (i.e. ${Node.Caption}) when using a custom label?