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    Netflow and Private Vlans - Epic Fail...


      Has anyone tried to get netflow working with pvlans?

      I am running 4507R-Es with Sup4s in and latest Enterprise code (12.2(52)SG) for the platform.  I am getting the L3 flows no problem.  I have the "ip flow ingress layer2-switched" line in my setup (along with the other non-L2 relevant stuff), but I am not seeing flows on any of my pvlan ports, when I know full well that there should be flows as there is plenty of traffic to/from the devices connected to the relevant ports (I can see plenty of traffic to/from these devices on my fw's).

      At present, the only data Im getting back is from my L3 Vlan interfaces.

      Pulling my hair out here - any help would be great!