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    Report help, new boss & nightmare, desperate - please help!  Or get an add-on product for reporting?


      I need to write a report with the following items, and I am stuck. 

      I need a single line format for the time frame, right now it would start with daily, then go to weekly.

      Something like:
      Nodename, system uptime, system availability average, avg cpu, max cpu, min cpu, avg physical memory, max physical memory, min physical memory, avg virtual memory, min/max, avg disk i/o, min/max, user processor time avg compared to physical system time average, and so forth.  Basically key server metrics on one line per node, and then I have to write others such as network uptime reports and such.

      I am not a sql person and would rather grab a sql add-on easy report tool if report writer won't do this.


      THANK YOU!!