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    Troubleshoot UnDP???


      I am trying to figure out why my UnDP can poll some Dell servers and get the ServiceTag on some but not all Dell servers. If I test a handful of servers it will read it from some but others it won't. Yet, if I drop down to the Orion server command prompt (as a run-as using the same credentials) and do a WMI call I get a value back.

      Is there any log file or some why I can see why it is failing???

      Orion 9.1 SP5

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          It sounds like the SNMP agent is not configured properly on some of those Dell servers. What agent are you using?

          You could also Wireshark to see if the request/response is working and just not being processed?




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              Thanks for the reply but now I am even more confused. You said that maybe the SNMP was misconfigured on the servers yet I can do a WMI query from the command line of the Orion server to retrieve information yet I can't do so in APM.

              I do not know the magic behind APM so I do not know what is being called when but it seems that if I can retrieve the data from command line WMI then so could APM.

              BTW - I did load Wireshark and attempt a packet capture between the Orion server and the remote server and I can see DCERPC traffic when I do the WMI cal from the command line but nothing when I trip it from APM. Doesn't look like it is kicking off.

              BTW - I also have a ticket open on this 121226

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                  Paul O'Rourke in support had me try the action below which fixed the problem.

                  To register the WMI Scripting Type library:

                  1. Download swregtlib.zip and extract the swregtlib.exe program to your Orion APM server.
                  2. Click Start > Run on your Orion APM server, type cmd in the Open field, and then click OK.
                  3. Run the following commands in the command window:
                    regsvr32 C:\WINDOWS\system32\wbem\wbemdisp.dll
                    swregtlib C:\WINDOWS\system32\wbem\wbemdisp.TLB