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    Not detecting Netflow from ASA 5510 8.2.1


      Hi there,

      As we are considering the purchase of NTA, I was trying to capture some Netflow-data from our Cisco ASA 5510 firewall. From the latest software version (8.2.1), Netflow is supported across all ASA models, and as most of our customers use an ASA, NTA would be a good tool to help them.

      Before starting an evaluation of NTA, I am trying to capture Netflow-data and display them in Netflow Realtime. I am having the same problem that is mentioned more here, namely that "Netflow is not detected on the selected interface". I am sure my config is correct (and am willing to post the relevant config lines here), because I did a similar test with Scrutinizer, and that product says that it is receiving Netfllow-data from the device.

      Now, could it be that... for NTA 3.5, an SP2 has come out, in which specific ASA-support has been implemented. Could it be that Netflow Realtime (from Toolset 10.3 Hotfix 1) does not yet support the ASA in the way that NTA does? Or anyone else some other clue?

      Hope to hear from you, thanks in advance, regards,