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    Basic alerts not allowing the selection of nodes on an additional poller.


      A little while ago I installed an additional poller at one of our schools (The primary poller is at our central office). It's been working fine except that I've noticed that any nodes that it's polling do not show up under the "Monitored Network Objects" tab when creating a basic alert.

      Advanced alerts seem to work fine and they also show up when I connect to the additional poller using the system manager. However when viewing the basic ones similarly, the temporarily disable checkbox is checked (this may be normal?) and there are no alerts showing.

      I'm not sure of how basic alert are supposed to be set up with an additional poller in the mix. I assumed that you could just set them up on the primary poller and they would work fine. But that doesn't seem to be the case. Do I need to duplicate the basic alerts for each poller with the applicable nodes selected? Or should I be seeing all objects, regardless of polling engine in the alert selection?

      Running 9.5 SP4 on both pollers.