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    Email Alerts

      Here is a very odd request/question.

      How can I setup an alert to send out if the system DOESNT down (aka reboot) during "x" timeframe.

      BACKSTORY: We have server that is running scripts to connect to a client using VPN software.  This software will isolate the server from the rest of the network, perform its work then disconnect.  The server then goes back into the domain.

      So Orion is seeing this as a down as it loses connection to the server.  Thats fine and great. I get a Down Message, which tells me the scirpts and VPN software performed its tasks.  Now I want Orion to alert me if it DOESNT lose connection say between 22:00 to 22:30 Hours.

      LOGIC: Did the server go DOWN between 22:00 - 22:30-

      YES: Do Nothing

      NO: Send Alert Message

      Is that possible?

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          That can be done.  Create an alert where the Trigger Condition is "Node Status is equal to Up".  You can set to trigger only when the condition has been true for more than say 20 minutes.  Then on the Time of Day tab, set it to the target hours.  It will only alert if it's up on those hours.  So if it's up for all 20 minutes during the target interval, you'll get an alert.