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    Real Time Bandwidth Guages

      Hello everyone, this is my first thwack_ post and I'm hoping this will be an easy one for the more seasoned Orion veterans out there!

      Basically, I am trying to find a way of customising the "Node Details" page so that when I select a router on our MPLS WAN, I can demonstrate, with two guages, the current utilisation "Inbound\Receive" and "Outbound\Transmit".

      Very similar to how you get the "Av Resp Time" and "Packet Loss" guages by default, I would like something that shows, in real time, how much of my 100Mbps leased line is being used in both directions.......


      I don't imagine for one second that this is the first time someone has tried this, I am aware that it's possible by using the Engineers Toolset - Bandwidth Gauges App, but to keep things aesthetically pleasing I'd very much like to integrate this into the "Node Details" Interface.


      Thanks in advance