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    Report writer questions


      Hi there,

      I am trying to create a report to create two separate reports. One report on teh  on the active triggered warnings and one on the active triggered criticals. The only way i could think of is by selecting any alert that contains the words 'critical' and 'warning' in them to filter them out. Can someone please tell me which fields in the report writer i can use to do this?



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          When you say Critical and Warning, are you looking at APM alerts?  Or IPSLA?

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              Hi Denny,

              We are looking at NPM and APM active alerts such as our critical and warning disk space alerts. We have defined these in the advanced alerts tool to set warning disk space to 90% and critical alerts to 90% of disk space.

              These alerts appear in the list as "critical disk space alert <servername> etc" and the same for warnings.

              We want to create a report which takes a match for 'critical' or 'warning' and only show these in the report.

              Alternatively, is there a property for disk space for servers which we can apply thresholds to rather than just using the alerting tool?



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                  Is acceptable  to use Advanced SQL Report for you? If so, it couldn’t be a big problem to create report for your Warning and Critical alerts by appropriate SQL statement like that:

                  SELECT S.TriggerTimeStamp, D.AlertName, S.ObjectName as MachineName
                  FROM AlertStatus S
                  JOIN AlertDefinitions D ON (S.AlertDefID = D.AlertDefID)
                  WHERE (S.Acknowledged = 0) AND (D.AlertName LIKE '%disk space%') AND ((D.AlertName LIKE '%Critical') OR (D.AlertName LIKE '%Warning'))

                  Advanced SQL Reports works directly with SQL statement. Field formatting and Report grouping is similar to standard reports.

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                    As a simpler approach, try the following as a recommendation:

                    1. Click Start > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Alerting, Reporting, and Mapping > Report Writer.
                    2. Click File > New Report.
                    3. Click Event Log in the list of report types, and then click OK.
                    4. On the Select Fields tab, add the following new fields:  
                      • Events > Event Type Name
                      • Events > Message
                    5. On the Filter Results tab, add the following new fields, indicating Records where:  
                      • Events > Event Type Name contains critical
                      • Events > Event Type Name contains warning
                      • Events > Message contains critical
                      • Events > Message contains warning

                    Include additional fields and time frame conditions as required. For more information about reports in Orion NPM, see "Creating Reports" in the SolarWinds Orion Network Performance Monitor Administrator Guide.