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    Orion NPM 9.5 issue



      Today my Orion NPM 9.5 SP5 stops showing charts in web console.

      Looking services in Orion server, I found w3wp.exe with 1.2 GB.

      Any suggestion to fix this ?


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          Can you please open a support case and please reference this thread in the case

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              After apply this fix, NPM 9.5 is working fine...



              Workaround FOUND

              It was caching too many pages in memory, which wouldn't be a problem if each page wasn't so big.

              Here's the workaround:
              Open IIS
              Right click on "Web Sites" -> Properties
              Click "Home Directory" tab, click "Configuration"
              Click "Cache Options" tab
              Set "Cache limited ASP files in memory" to "5"
              Set "Cache limited ASP files on disk" to whatever your disk has space for (default to 2000)

              Now IIS will cache pages to disk, not to precious memory! Strangely, the cached pages on disk are WAYYYY smaller than the amount of memory they take to be cached in memory. Example: My 10MB test file full of commented stuff takes 70MB in memory cache. On disk cache, it only takes like 800KB.

              Now the 5 in-memory pages will be will dumped to disk as you navigate around and VPASP is staying within 35MB or so of memory!!!!

              PHEW! This was a TOUGH nut to crack, I'll tell you. I hope this helps someone else out there!

              I'm going to leave this thread as "unanswered" in case there's a better way to get the same result out there. (Like I said, I'm no ASP expert so there may be a better solution...)