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    Monitor Error after Service Acct Change


      I started setting up an ipMonitor 9.06 instance using the local system account, and then realised that I was going to want more powerful credentials for some of the monitoring I wanted to do.  So I started using a network account specific to this function, and using the "Service Settings" in the "Configure ipMonitor" utility, changed the account from LocalSystem to my AD account.  The AD account was an admin on the ipMonitor server, so no problems there.  However, all the sudden, all of my database servers went into alert status; all of the SQL monitors returning an error, "The remote device rejected the request due to an internal error".  The AD account is an administrator on all of the database servers, and I tried restarting the ipMonitor server, deleting and recreating the SQL monitors, to no avail; every time I turn one on (or add one that I deleted), I get the message "The remote device rejected the request due to an internal error".  I can only assume that it has something to do with the fact that I changed credentials, but none of the other monitors are complaining, and I did try re-entering my credentials into the Service Settings a couple times just to be sure it wasn't that.  Does anybody have any ideas for this?

      --Tom Foster

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          Hi Tom,

          Some questions:

          -Are you referring to SQL Server Monitors or ADO Monitors?  The former performs WMI queries against the remote system whereas the latter performs SQL queries against an SQL Database.

          -Do the failing Monitors currently have a Credential assigned to it?  Typically if the ipMonitorSrv service has been given an admin level domain account, all Monitors that perform Windows Authentication should not have a Credential unless they are monitoring a system that is not a member of the domain.

          Thank you in advance for the additional detail,

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