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    Security restriction on ASA

      I have cat tools working on my ASA, I connect via SSH2 using the username/password pair for the BACKUP user.  I also have the "enable password" field populated with our enable password.


      I recently configured my ASA with a custom priv. level for the BACKUP user, limiting their commands to just a "show run"


      However, to make this work, the backup user has to do two things. 1. login to the asa via ssh. 2. type login and login again.  How can I get this more secure configuration to work with my cat tools. I went through all the options in "Device Configuration" but dont see anything.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Steve Welsh


          When you say for your step 2, type login and login again, are you referring to negotiating local (or some other secondary level) device authentication - i.e. responding to username and password prompts, or is this something else?

          Which version of CatTools are your running?


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              Hi Steve,

              What I mean is that after I ssh and authenticate to the asa with my special user (called bdback), I get dropped into a user mode.  To get into my priv. 2 command mode I have to type login and put in my bdback username and backup1 password a second time , finally I get to my pound prompt: see below.

              login as: bdback
              bdback@'s password:

              fw> login
              Username: bdback
              Password: *********

               These are the commans set on the ASA to lock down this bdback user and only allow for a "sh run"

              username bdback password o6uLI5dreghe542kWQ encrypted
              aaa authorization command LOCAL
              privilege show level 2 mode exec command running-config