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    NTA with Cisco ASA?


      Hello all,

      In the past, we purchased NTA to provide insight into the internet network performance of our customer's networks. Most of our customers use Cisco PIX's and ASA's (bit NOT Cisco IOS routers and only Catalyst 29xx and 35xx) for their internet link and security. As PIX's and ASA's do not support NetFlow, we were quite stuck with the product and discontinued its use in our organization.

      However, Cisco has come up with a software release for PIX and ASA that really supports NetFlow: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/security/asa/asa82/netflow/netflow.html.This software release can be used with all ASA's, from the smallest 5505 to topmost models.

      Can anyone tell whether Netflow support in this new software release, or in PIX and ASA OS in general, does offer the right functionality for NTA, so that NTA can do its job?

      Hope to hear from you, thanks!