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    sFlow from HP Procurve 5412 not picked up.

      I have NTA configured and listening for sflow on port 6343 (changed from default).

      I have my HP Procurve 5412 sending out sflow information to the NTA server on port 6343.

      But my NTA does not see any data. : (

      I ran wireshark on the NTA server and i can see the packets coming in.

      I ran prefmon on the server and the only solarwinds Netflow count registering is the 'Solarwinds Netflow/Packets Recived' counter. All other counters are showing zero.

      I see no alerts/messages/errors other than service stop/start in the "last 25 traffic analysis events" under NTA.


      I've attached the PCAP packet capture from the server.
      Anyone got any ideas how to fix this?