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    Custom properties not shown on web console


      Hi Guys,

      Im fairly new to orion and im trying to make some custom properties for my nodes. I have done this, and populated them using the Custom Properties Editor and have hit the Update Schema button.

      This makes the custom properties available in reports but does not show them on the web site.

      Is there something im doing wrong or missing? Is there a particular service i need to restart?

      Im using Orion Network Performance Monitor 9.5 SP2

      Thanks in Advance,


      EDIT: So you know.. Im also using Windows Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (SP1)

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          I'm not exactly sure what the problem is, but the first thing I'm going to suggest is installing the latest SP for 9.5.  It will be available for download.  SP 2 isn't the latest.

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            If I'm understanding what you're saying, the custom properties don't display anywhere on the web site by default.  You'll see them when you edit a node's properties, but they don't show up on the node detail page or in the inventory list.  However, if you want to see the values of your custom properties, you can see them on the Node Management list.  At the top of the node management list, click the >> to add columns to the list.  Your custom properties should be listed as columns you can add. 

            Hope this helps!

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              Hi Guys, Thanks for the replies.

              Im currently in the process of trying to update to SP5, however it SHOULDNT be the reason for the error.

              Clicking on the >> in Node management does not show my custom properties either.

              I have made some screenshots for you to look at.

               Country Site and State are there.

              Country State and Site are NOT there.

              No where on the website is Country, State, or Site.

              However, Site Comments and Department works fine.

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                I have a similar setup and the exact same problem.


                I'm running Windows Server 2008 (NotR2) and SQL 2008(SP1) in a 64bit environment.

                I have Orion NPM and APM running SP4 for NPM as SP5 is not required.


                I can use the custom property editor and am experiencing the same issue as Alex.  Properties appear in Report Writer etc. but not in the web interface.  I can add and remove the built in ones, but any custom ones I create do not display in the web interface.


                I have stopped and restarted IIS as well as bouncing the server.

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                    Hmmm odd, I just tried to reproduce this on my install and am not seeing the same issues.  Do you have additional web servers or just the main Orion?

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                        I'm not sure about the OP, but it is single system single web console.


                        I did figure out a solution.  Not sure if this is just my relative inexperience with this product, but I completely shutdown the services.  Some services would not stop and had to be manually killed. 

                        Then I shutdown the IIS Site.

                        Then I ran the configuration wizard once again selecting everything.

                        I realize some of these steps may have been unnecessary but I have no time or desire to completely test which part of the process is necessary.  (Would appreciate SW staff advice)


                        After finally getting the wizard to run correctly, it seems to have fixed the problem.  I can now add custom properties and they show up without having to rerun the wizard.