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    Problems with backing up HP Procurve switches

      Hoping that this would be an easy one. I've trialed older version of CatTool and had no problem with backing up running config on HP Procurve switches (2626, 2810). Recently installed a fresh trial version of 3.4 and when backing up the config, the 'Infor Log' screen keeps on reporting:

      'Warning - Device type:HP.Switch.2500 has not yet had this functionality added. Skipping this device.'

      Anyone has an idea on how to fix this?

      I'm using the standard 'Device.Backup.TFTP' activity type.


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          Steve Welsh


          The 'Device.Backup.TFTP' activity is a new activity added to CatTools in version 3.4.   It was primarily added to support devices which can only export the configuration (or extended configuration) via TFTP, rather than via the normal 'Device.Backup.Running Config' activity.

          The HP.Switch.2500 device type doesn't currently support the running of the 'Device.Backup.TFTP' activity, hence the message you are seeing.

          It is likely in the past that you were using the 'Device.Backup.Running Config' activity (or if you were using a version of CatTools prior to v3.2.0, then this would have previously been called 'General.Backup.Running Config') which uses the capture config to terminal window method to gather the config, for example (in most cases) by issuing say a 'show config' or similar CLI command.

          A rough guide to activity support per device type can be found in our device matrix web page at: http://www.kiwisyslog.com/wrapper/devices-supported/  

          Hope this helps.