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    IPAM and FireFox Issues?


      I just upgraded to IPAM 1.5 excited about the DHCP monitoring.  The install seemed to work fine.  IE6 has no issues.  When I try with FireFox I get a couple of issues.  When I click on the Manage Subnets & IP Addresses tab, all I get is a black bar across the top and the License Usage at the bottom.  When I click on the DHCP Scope Monitoring tab, I get most of the page but it just sits at loading under the Group By.  I can change this to No Grouping and get the list on the right, but have to do that manually each time.  If I click on one of the Subnets, all I get is the black bar across the top. 

      As I said, this is only in Firefox, IE6 is fine.  Frustrating to say the least.  Anyone else seeing this?