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    Monitoring over Site to Site VPN

      I am attempting to monitor Cisco devices behind a site to site VPN.   A few are 1800 routers and a few are Pix 501's.   The only way I have been able to get the 1800 routers monitored is to use the WAN address of the remote router.   This traffic does not go over the VPN tunnel so it makes it much less secure.    Is there a way to monitor the LAN interface on the remote router so the traffic will be protected via the tunnel?   I have tried using the LAN address and the devices will not come up.    Also, I cannot get any remote Pix to come up even when I use the WAN address.    I have heard that the MIB's must be downloaded.   What is the procedure for that?   Where are they downloaded to etc.?      I assume they are located on Cisco's webpage.