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    To many sFLow's !


      Orion 9.5 Sp4 \ NTA 3.5 Sp2

      Device: ProCurve J8698A Switch 5412zl, revision K.13.25, ROM K.12.12 (/sw/code/build/btm(t3a))

      Note: New installation of NTA onto an old Orion server (and a Netflow newbie)

      I've configure 4 ports on my HP5412zl  switch to return netflow data to Orion \ NTA. These flows were automatically added and are working fine. However about 20 or so other ports have also been automatically added and are returning netflow data.

      I've checked the configuration of the switch (downloaded via NCM) and it only lists the 4 ports . I've also telneted to the switch and run  "show sflow 1 sampling all" which (i think) lists the ports that are sampling and polling netflow data. Again only 4 ports displayed.

      Any thoughts?

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          there is always information about input and output interface in flows. So even if you export data only from 4 interfaces, you can have other interfaces involved in flows as input or output interface.

          Do you think that this could be the reason?