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    NPM & IPAM Feature Requests


      NPM: Ability to put 2 gauges side-by-side on the screen in the same way you have CPU and Memory gauges side-by-side. Couple of thoughts on how to do this. Give us an option to make the page half width of the column, just a check box that says half width would do. That way you can put two half width pages together one after the other. Option two, give us a predefined dual guage the same way you give us one for a single gauge but let us choose the connections for both.

      NPM: When hovering over a point on a graph have it pop up a tooltip that gives us the raw data for that point, ie. 45% at 3:45PM.

      NPM: Ability to place 2 similar pieces of information together on the same graph, ie Bandwidth utilization vs discards/errors on the interface.

      IPAM: When editing an IP address return us to the same page we were just on.

      IPAM: Quick Scan option, ability to verify from the web page that the IP address we are looking at is in use or not.


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          As the PM for both products I can talk to all of these items.

          #1 - you should be able to accomplish this today using the custom HTML resource, but agree we need to make it easier, just were not sure if you were aware of that option

          #2 - good idea, I will add this to the system

          #3- this is a request we have heard before and is already in our enhancement system

          #4 - I believe I know the item you are talking about, you were on page 3, edit and IP and now back on page 1 right?  How big is your subnet?  Do you prefer 1 page?

          #5 - You can kick off a manual scan via the web today instead of waiting for the scheduled scan, have you seen that?

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              #1 - I did find some posts on it but wasn't clear how to do it so I opened a ticket and was told that it was not possible.

              #4 - I know that I can change the view to include more then 100 items on it but I have some /23 and /22 subnets.

              #5 - I do know that I can kick off a scan but thir is no real clear idea when the scan is complete. I was thinking of a quick scan on the checked IP addresses that reports back in a popup or something.

              Thanks for the quick responses!