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    cisco pix/asa pre-shread keys not revealed in backups

      Using Kiwi CatTools, version 3.4.0. I know that "more system:running-config" can be used to reveal the pre-shared keys. I read a post that suggested editing a script. All the files I find are KiwiCrypt01 and I cannot read them. What should I do to change the device backup to reveal the pre-shared keys? Thanks in advance.

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          Steve Welsh

          Hi tims.

          CatTools will by default issue the "more system:running-config" command on an ASA for the 'Device.Backup.Running Config' activity, but only if you have selected one of the SSH options for the device connection 'Method' field in the CatTools setup form.

          Because the "more system:running-config" command displays the pre-shared keys in clear text, for security reasons, we do not issue this command if connecting using Telnet.

          I believe that this functionality was also added to the PIX device type in version 3.4.0.

          Hope this helps.