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    KCP Inc, Servsensor


      I have an issue with a temp sensor when I create an alert for the temp sensor. I define in the alert that the custom poller should be the temperature-degree-poller defined in Universal Device Poller, and if I test it in the UDP MIB tree I get the correct status, but when Orion sends me the alert e-mail it uses the humidity sensor instead. I am also monitoring the humidity but I don't have an alarm set for that poller yet??

      Running NPM 9.1 SP5

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          It's hard to say.  We would need more info.

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            Hi Fuser--

            Yes, if you can provide us with some more information, we'll be happy to get you some answers tout de suite (asapy)!


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              I am not sure how I can provide more info, but I'll try.


              I'm polling the MIB - sensorProbeTempDegree and when I test that MIB in the MIB Tree it gives me the correct celsius value from the sensor. (picture 1-2)

              If I enable an advanced alert that should trigger when the value is more than 20 (Picture 3)

              with the action to send me an email with info about pollername and value(picture 4)

              I will get an email like this:


              How can it suddenly use another poller? The value is correct, but I don't want humidity, I want the temp poller value :-)