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    IPAM v1.5 "Internal Settings" tool can help change UI defaults


      Hi All, I've spotted a few thwack posts that can help from some of the new changes in v1.5. I thought I'd fire up a thread about it.

      IPAM v1.5 includes a preliminary tool that can tweak some default UI settings. The tool allows you to change defaults for all users. You will find it here: c:\program files\SolarWinds\Orion\IPAM\SolarWinds.IPAM.InternalSettings.exe.

      UI Settings, Configuration Defaults

      Some users have found that initial settings in the Add Subnet page always require changing. The tool will change it so the initial values in the page don't need (as much?) changing. The following initial values can be changed.

      • Enable subnet scanning.
      • Interval between scans.
      • Add IP addresses upon subnet creation.
      • CIDR.
      UI Settings, Subnet Management Page

      Some of us want to tweak the behavior of the main page. These settings should help.

      • Tree Sort (Text vs. Address). Note: v1.5 now defaults to sorting by address.
      • Max Items per Tree Branch
      • Width of first column in the tree (in pixels).
      • Page Size (IP Addresses View).
      • Page Size (Group View).

      For my installation, I've changed the max items in the tree from 150 to 300. I've also changed the page size for subnets from 100 to 1024. My machine does well at with these settings, you may find differently.

      Note: There is a known issue where the tool will “throw an exception” if the account & password aren’t properly validated. If it happens, just load it again and try again with your account and password.


      Here's a screenshot of the tool along with the default values IPAM operates with. If the values are blank when running it for the first time, I suggest filling in the remaining details from this image.



      Let us know what you think, or if you need assistance leveraging the tool.