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    Toolset v10.3 Available


      Toolset 10.3 is now available (we're actually a little late on the post... it was released 8/24).  Check out the new features below.  For a complete list of features and bug fixes for 10.1, 10.2, and 10.3, see the official Release Notes here.

      Toolset 10.3 Features

      TFTP Server enhancements

      TFTP Server now has the ability to bind to multiple subnets. Instead of binding to specific IP addresses, you can now bind to subnets using CIDR notation. In addition, you can bind the TFTP server to the first valid subnet in a list of subnets.

      SMNPv3 support in classic MIB Viewer and MIB Walk

      The MIB Viewer and MIB Walk now communicate with your SNMPv3 devices.

      Standard Edition licenses are now available

      With the introduction of Toolset 10.1, SolarWinds has made Standard Toolset available. For more information, see Standard Toolset.

      Bookmark menus in MIB Browser

      Bookmark menus have been added to MIB Browser allowing you to save your most frequently accessed MIBs.

      Workspace Studio

      Workspace Studio is an integrated platform used to perform realtime monitoring and troubleshooting that includes device, credential, and layout management functions. The following features and improvements are included in the new version of Workspace Studio:
      • MAC Finder Gadget
      • IP Network Browser Gadget
      • CDP / LLDP Neighbor Map Gadget
      • Interfaces are now visible in the device list
      • Interfaces can be enabled and disabled from the device list and from some gadgets
      • The F11 key can now be used to quickly initiate full-screen view
      • Tabs can be set to automatically rotate for a NOC display
      • Gadgets can be resized by dragging the bottom right corner
      • Gadgets can be maximized to the entire viewable area by double clicking on the header
      • Gadgets can be found in tabs by right-clicking on the tab header
      • Folders and tabs can now be added to the toolbar
      • Trunk ports can be excluded from the Switch Port Mapper and MAC Finder Gadgets
      • You can now export data collected by any table gadget in Workspace Studio
      • You can now add devices discovered using discovery gadgets to Workspace Studio
      • Switch Port Mapper now has extended VLAN support
      • HP ProCurve Support added to CPU and Memory gadgets
      • Added "Keep this window open" functionality to Add Device window
      • Removed C1Sizer.ocx from the installer as it is known security vulnerability.
      • Added paste functionality to the Telnet/SSH gadget
      • WAN Killer Gadget
      • Added the ability to receive SolarWinds Labs gadgets and notifications
      • Added IPv6 support
      • Added aggregated interface statistics to interface charts, graphs, and tables
      • You no longer have to list all the interfaces on a device to create gauges, charts, graphs, or tables
      • The improved Switch Port Mapper now has added VLAN port membership for Cisco and other device, and includes an option to show ports with MAC addresses only.
      • Added a Telnet/SSH Client
      • Added Integrated Credential Management
      • Added the ability to monitor individual CPUs or aggregate CPUs from one device
      • Ability to monitor different memory types (Pool, application, process)
      • Web Browser gadget
      • You can now launch other tools (including our Classic tools) from within the Dashboard with device contexts such as IP address and community string
      • Added Thwack integration
      • The Workspace now automatically checks for product updates
      • Added the integrated event viewer
      • Ability to import and export devices to and from Workspace Studio.