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    Orion 9.5 SP4 - "an unexpected error has occured"?

    Craig Norborg

      On both our main polling engine and "Additional Web Server" we are getting this "an unexpected error has occured" in place of our Network Map(s) at random (ie: usually happens on one of our two, sometimes both).   It seems to have cropped up recently, we did upgrade to SP4 awhile back but it doesn't seem to coincide with that.  We have had problems with too many tmp*.tmp files, but we've been deleting them pretty regularly and it will happen even when none of them exist.   This error shows up in place of the map.

      Our maps are weather maps, we have a batch job that downloads the pictures fairly regularly on the main server (every 30 minutes or so) and copies them to the right location.  Due to our Proxy we can't get the URL linking to work.  I've verified that its getting the maps correctly and like I said it has been working before.   Also, it will work one time and immediately after doesn't work, the timing doesn't coincide with the schedule of when a new map is downloaded.

      Any ideas of where to look for what the problem might be?