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    Feature Request - Hierarchical access to Report folder

      Dear Team,

      I understand that we could create folders within NPM's report directory.

      Users can then be restricted to access reports only within the assigned report directories.


      However this Access Control type will cause reports to be difficult to manage in the long run.

      May I suggest that users be given access to all sub-directories within the folder that he/she has been given access to.


      For example:

      Orion--> Reports

          - Customer 1

                - Department 1.A


                        - Team 1.A-1

                        - Team 1.A-2

                        - Team 1.A-3

                - Department 1.B

                        - Team 1.B-1

                        - Team 1.B-2

                - Department 1.C

                        - Team 1.C-1

          - Customer 2

                - Department 2.A

                        - Team 2.A-1

                - Department 2.B

                        - Team 2.B-1


      If a user has been granted access to the "Reports" folder, he/she will be able to access all reports

      If a user has been located in folder "Department 1.A", he/she will have access to all reports in "Department 1.A", "Team 1.A-1", "Team 1.A-2" and "Team 1.A-3".  This user will not be able to view reports within "Department 1.B", "Department 1.C" or "Customer 2"

      Similarly, if a user has been granted access to "Customer 2", he/she should be able to view reports in "Team 2.A-1" and "Team 2.B-1"