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    Any ETA on 9.6? The team is going to kill me...


      My company has been waiting for 9.6 to come out and it is supposed to have a fix for Trap messages not containing RAW data. Some of the team is holding pitch forks and torches near the Orion server and screaming for an Open Source solution. I am holding them off but only by throwing them scraps of meat.

      I need to get some sort of timeframe on when 9.6 will be out or you may be losing a customer... RIP!

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          We're working on 9.6 now.  I can't give you a date for that feature.  I don't want you to leave us, but providing a feature and a date is not something I can do. And even thought we're working on it, I can't promise it'll be in 9.6.


          Is your team bored?  Because the open source solutions that I know will give them plenty to do.  They need lots of attention.