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    Licensing question


      If I buy a 4000IP license for $4000 and then a year later decide I need 4000 more, would it cost another $4000 or is there some kind of discount licensing for existing users?

      I'm not sure if I can get the money to buy the 16k license, but buying a 4000IP license for 4k and then buying another 4000IP license later for another 4k is kind of a rip off considering the 16k license is $9000.

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          Hi Brandon,

          I have a question that's somewhat along the same lines, but not quite the same. What if I have several smaller licenses, would I be able to consolidate those smaller licenses for a larger one? We have regionally distributed installations that we would like to pull back and centralize.  For example, I have 2 small NCM licenses.  Is there a way to make the 2 smaller ones into 1 larger license?







          If you buy a 4k license today and then later decide to go up to the next tier, the 16k, your original 4k buy would apply to the 16k license, so just the delta would be needed to upgrade.