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    'No data collected for the selected period' error

      I logged on to our orion web interface  to generate a graph of bandwidth utilization of some of our monitored interface but I am getting the error 'No data collected for the selected period' , It seems to have stopped collecting data since the 16th of September. It works if I try to generate data on the node itself but not on its interfaces. Please can you assist to fix the issue. We are currently running Orion NPM 9.5 (No Service pack yet)

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          I can't tell from the information you've provided what might be the cause of your problem.  It sounds like the snmp polling has stopped, but the icmp polls are still working.

          My guess is either your NetPerfMon service or maybe your BusinessLayerHost service is hung or stopped.  I would try restarting all of the Orion services.  If that doesn't work, reboot your Orion server(s).  You can restart all of the Orion services by going to Start | All Programs | SolarWinds Orion | Advanced Features | Orion Service Manager.  Open the Orion Service Manager and click Shutdown Everything.  If your server is like most other Orion servers, you'll need to stop the SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor service by killing the task in task manager.  It will hang on stopping (it will eventually stop, but could take a very long time to do so.)  In task manager, look for NetPerfMonService.exe and kill that process.  You might also run into the same thing with the SolarWinds Orion Module Engine.  If that happens, go into task manager and kill the SolarWinds.BusinessLayerHost.exe process.  Once everything is stopped, click Start Everything.  If restarting all the services doesn't resolve the issue, reboot your server.  If you keep running into this issue, I'd open a support ticket. 

          Hope this helps.

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              Thanks for your response.I restarted all of the orion services as you suggested but that didn't fix it. I have a window later in the day to install the service pack so that would be a good time to reboot.Fingers crossed that should fix it. I will keep you posted

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                  If after applying the SP's and you still see issues, please open a support ticket and reference this thread

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                      I have faced this particular issue on a number of occasions. At times this is caused due to updates to NPM. Please note that as per the Tech Support, there is a known issue while performing SP upgrades where in the NPM service is uninstalled but never re-installed with the new executable. The only 'work around' to this problem was to perform a repair to the NPM Services.

                      It is kind of disappointing that this particular issue was not mentioned in the install or release notes for any of these Service Packs.

                      When this occurred without any upgrade, I normally had to perform a DB restore to fix the problem. This was when we had the SQL DB running on the same machine as the NPM App.

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                  I would also look at moving up to the latest SP level as well

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                    I'm having a similar issue. I am monitoring the temps of all our routers. When I click on one temps to get a chart of that routers temp for the last whenever, I get this same error. I have the latest service pack, even done a repair to fix another issue. Have any ideas?