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    Inventory report


      Let me throw this out to the community..... before I go thru the pain of writing one....

      Is there currently a report (or has someone written) a report that will tally the number of nodes in Orion per month?

      A request was made to be able to show how many nodes we have per month in Orion.

      I was thinking of creating a SQL job to tally the nodes per day and store that in a new table. That way I can summarize it per month.

      Ideas and thoughts welcomed!

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          IDEA: Would it suffice to use this report and place it into Orion's Report Scheduler for the 1st day of each month to be emailed?

          Engines.ServerName AS ServerName, Engines.LicensedElements AS LicensedElements, Engines.Elements AS Elements, Engines.Nodes AS Nodes, Engines.Interfaces AS Interfaces, Engines.Volumes AS Volumes