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    Ping and Response Time


      Just started adding a few devices to our IP Monitor install and added a few resources to the dashboard when I noticed a problem, see screen shot.

      I always thought ping and response time were one in the same thing but obviously I'm wrong as there are huge discrepancies between the two in the screen shot.

      Can someone explain to me what response time is doing as opposed to ping and why there should be such huge differences between the two.



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          Hi Jon,

          Response time is the timing of the key part of a Monitor test. With ping, it's going to be sub-second. With an Exchange Email Round-Trip Monitor, it'll be a lot longer, as we're timing a complete transaction across multiple services / devices.

          When looking at response time for a web page next to ping, we're going to see they are miles apart. This is why we have a resource that targets just ping monitors... it paints a more useful picture.

          Does that make sense?