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    Executive Reports


      Would anyone have any suggestions on reporting for management on service uptime?

      To clarify, I have multiple DNS servers which provide resolution. I would like to generate a single graph, representing DNS service in general being available, rather than showing a bar graph for each individual monitor associated with my SmartGroup.


      ie. I want a single representation of Mail, DNS, Authentication, etc - whereby if one server or service goes down, the overall delivery of services will still show 100% UP, unless both of my servers go down, in which case it would be displayed as an 'outage'...

      Anyone else run into this problem?

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          Hello Euphorik,

          This is exactly what the Exchange Round-Trip Email monitor is for. This monitor performs the entire sequence of sending an email and retrieving it using the same subsystems users would. Anything that prevents ipMonitor from doing the full transaction indicates a failure.

          My advice is to add and configure the Exchange Round-Trip Email monitor, and create a report just for this monitor.

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              Not looking specifically for exchange, but rather other services (ie. NTP, SMTP, Internet Access) such that I can monitor 6 external websites for connectivity, however if one of these monitors goes down for whatever reason (maintenance, etc) my overall uptime of my GROUP is not affected unless they are ALL down, in which case I have a serious outage.

              Another example - we have two DNS servers, if I drop one, I still have DNS services running, so I would like to report 100% for service uptime, however if I drop both servers (services) my report should show downtime. Kind of reverse dependencies...!