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    Rescan device




      I don't know if I'm totally blind but is there a way to refresh device properties (like hostname).


      I changed hostname on several switches (they are managed via SNMP) but NPM doesn't seem to update entries.

      Is there a way to rescan device to pickup new names without deleting/adding the device or editing it manually ?


      Thank you

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          I could be wrong, but I think this change would be picked up during the rediscovery cycle of the node.  If you go into Node Management in the web console, search for your device, check the box next to the devices you want to rediscover, then go to the More Actions drop down list and select Rediscover from the list.  By default, I think Orion rediscovers nodes every 30 minutes.  I remember a few versions ago, some users had problems when they updated the description filed on an interface, rediscovering the interface didn't always update the interface description in Orion. If the rediscovery doesn't work, you might want to call support to see if they have any ideas.