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    Syslog server internal error, creates actskn43.ocx threads

      we are using the free version of the Kiwi Syslog server have recently encountered this issue.

      The program used to work very well, but for some time now the following problem has been occuring. When the program is started, the splash screen is shown, but no other window is shown then. The syslogd.exe process then gobbles up 50% of all CPU. There are no entries in the Event Log occurring at the same time. The Kiwi error log shows multiple "*** INTERNAL PROGRAM ERROR - Please contact ***" messages each time the program is started. Investigating with Process Explorer, it looks as though the program is looping creating actskn43.ocx threads. which promptly end. Would be happy to receive any feedback on this from you guys (&gals).

      Version is for the syslogd executable.

      Best regards,
      Kurt Thomas