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    Event suppression in event log screen



      I was wondering if it will be possible to suppress “Port Up” events for Unpluggable Interfaces.

      We have to get statistics for user ports to assist in trouble shooting, but we are getting flooded with user “port up” events. We use the events screen heavily to show what has gone down and what has come pack up. To give you an idea, we are currently deploying switches to 100+ sites for a total of ~500 switches with ~ 25,000 user ports. If we get a “port up” event registered for every user port that does come back up, event logging will be 100% useless due to volume of messages generated.

      Given that we mark all user ports as unpluggable to prevent false alerts being triggered, having thousands of “port up” events is causing a massive amount of false events. Would it be possible to allows for an additional checkbox option for interfaces that has something along the line of “suppress all port events and alerts” in addition to “unpluggable”?

      This is a critical feature for us, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


      Tom Nitzschner