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    ASA Configuration


      I just upgraded my NTA module on Orion to Service Pack 2 which supports receiving netflow data from the ASA platform. I have also followed the steps in the followig document to configure my ASA. My ASA has also been upgraded to 8.2(1) as well.

      Analyzing Network Traffic thru a Cisco ASA with NetFlow


      When I view my NTA module in Orion the ASA is showing "never" for the last netflow received column. Am I missing something??? Below is my ASA config for the Netflow export to my Orion Server.

      access-list netflow-export extended permit ip any any

      flow-export destination inside 2055
      flow-export template timeout-rate 1
      flow-export delay flow-create 60

      class-map netflow-export-class
       match access-list netflow-export
      policy-map netflow-export-policy
       class netflow-export-class
        flow-export event-type all destination