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    Database InterfaceTraffic_Daily, -Detail, _Hourly



      Can somebody explain me the behavior / usage of the following three tables in

      the Orion-Database:

      a) InterfaceTraffic_Daily

      b) InterfaceTraffic_Detail

      c) InterfaceTraffic_Hourly


      I do not understand for what those tables are used.

      In a) i have date until beginning of august, b) has data until now and c) is empty.

      I don't understand, why a) don't has data until now like b) does. Or is there something going wrong?


      Thanks a lot in advance.

        • Re: Database InterfaceTraffic_Daily, -Detail, _Hourly

          The 3 tables have data based on your data retention settings.  If you keep detailed statistics for 7 days...after database maintenance runs nightly it will copy any data over 7 days old in the Detail table to the Hourly table.  Lets say you keep hourly data for 14 days.  During DB maintenance, the hourly data over 14 days will be summarized to daily and so on.  So your detail table will have data up to the current date of collection.  The rest of the tables will have data based on your retention settings.