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    UDP installed arent showing data properly for ASA


      I downloaded 2 UDP for my ASA from the content exchange area.  vpnUdP.UnDP and Active WebVPN Tunnels-ASA.UnDP and I applied them to the ASA 5520 box.  When I go to the web portal I can see the poller and it appears to be catching something but all the page shows me is the poller name, status and date polled.  under data the listing just says a number value?

      Days 9 value(s) 11:09 AM
      Hours 9 value(s) 11:09 AM
      Minutes 9 value(s) 11:09 AM
      Remote_Access_VPN_Client 9 11:09 AM
      VPN_Session_Duration 9 value(s) 11:09 AM
      VPN_Sessions 9 value(s) 11:09 AM