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    Linked Webpages

      Hello.  I am new to Solarwinds, both the community and software wise.  I have been tasked to devise a method of updating our server inventory and be able to monitor it at the same time from solarwinds. 

      The best method I found was to create an inventory map using Netzoom, import that info into visio and then save that info as a webpage.

      Is there a way to link my webpage, one that I might have to update frequently as we move and add servers around, so that any updates I make on my webpage will be automatically reflected in the server map I design in solarwinds?

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          You have several options:

          1. Just link to a standalone web page. Using "Customize Menu Bars" in the admin section, you can just put any arbitrary link on a menu bar.
          2. You can use the "External Websites" feature to link to your visio map. This will also create a link on the menu bar, but the visio map will be loaded below the standard Orion header.
          3. You can add a "Custom HTML" resource to any view. Then edit the resource and use an iframe to host the visio map page.