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    Problem with SNMP




      I have a problem with SNMP and my nodes.

      I installed NPM and NCM this week. All my devices are using SNMPv3. 

      Since I installed SP4 of NPM, half of my devices don't work anymore with SNMP. All interfaces are shown as "unknow" and I can't get any data. As you can see, in Performance monitor, devices with this problem are shown as yellow and shown as grey in web interface.


      If I edit a device in Web interface, I can list all ressouces (interfaces) so SNMP settings are correct !


      In Node detail (performance monitor), I see the device use SNMPv3, credentials are correct. I really don't understand. By the way, can you explain me why Poll/Rediscover/Unmanage and Valide SNMP buttons are greyed out ?

      I checked in the database and values about SNMP are exactly the same between a "working" node and one that doesn't.


      Finally, in performance monitor, if I do a "List ressources" on a device, I have an error message about PUBLIC not being a valid SNMP community.


      So it seems my problem is....even if SNMPv3 is set, NPM still try to use snmpv2 with "public" community name.

      I don't want to delete all "faulty" devices and reinsert them...


      Any idea ?

      Thank you

      sorry for my english