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    Feature Request: NPM:: Historical Tracking and Trending of Orion Elements



      What I would like to be able to keep a track of from within orion is the following:


      Basically be able to graph the number of nodes or elements managed by the system over time which would enable us to track server performance against the number of elements managed, as well as trend growth in monitoring.

      Also unless if am mistaken if you delete a node past availability would be altered. Example if you had only two nodes monitored and one was down for a month the month total availability would be 50% however once you delete the node it will change to 100%. Am i correct in this assumption and if so should there be a failsafe which ensure that while the nodes are no longer monitored that the data remains accurate and auditable. While the unmanaged option exists this is generally for a limited period of time instead of forever.


      For our devices we have added a custom property which has the watt/hour for each node(manual input).

      Now we can run a report and say how much is the estimated total power used and subsequent carbon emmissions but that would only be a point in time, what we cant (unless someone knows how) is to again graph this over time. So if we run the report this year and replace some devices over the course of the year it would be nice to graph this change in total emmissions. However the only way I suspect that it is possible would be a manual check say every month or scheduled reports and then just create a graph by collating all the reports into excel.


      What do you guys think?