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    Stop alerts after a certain period of time

      Hi all,

      So I have setup an advanced alert that first sends a notification if the node status is down for 5 mins. Then  I have also setup the escalation so that it sends a notification every 30 mins after.

      The service that is down is a network link which is being worked on by ISP at the exchange. The alert is continously being sent for several hours now. Is there anyway to stop the alert after say 5 hours or so, and/or only send the notification every 4 hours or even totally stop it? I still want to know when the service resets.

      Can I manually put the node into a 'maintenance mode'? I know that this would stop the reset, but I'd probably settle for that at the moment.

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          Hi cmga,

          The only thing I can think of would stop the notifications completely until the reset condition were met and then you'd get the reset message.  Under Trigger Actions, edit your Send E-Mail/Page action.  On the Alert Escalation tab where you set up the escalation to send a notification every 30 minutes, there should be a check box that says Do not execute this Action if the Alert has been Acknowledged.  If you check this box and then go to the alerts tab in your Orion web site, you should see all of your active alerts listed.  Check the box next to the alert you want to stop receiving trigger notification from and click the Acknowledge Alerts button.  This will stop the trigger alert emails from being sent, but you'll still receive the reset email when the link comes back up. 

          Hope this helps!